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Steering wheels, boss kits, horn buttons and steering wheel accessories

MOMO was founded in 1964 by gentleman racer Gianpiero Moretti. Indeed the company name " MOMO" derives from the initials for "Moretti-Monza", Monza being a town in the Italian province of Milan where Moretti was born.

In 1964 Moretti commissioned a local craftsman to produce a custom steering wheel for Moretti's own racing car. This special steering wheel, which was the first Momo steering wheel in the company’s history, had a superior, thicker grip compared to the normal racing steering wheels available at the time. Drivers from other teams quickly grew envious of Moretti’s new steering wheel and wanted the same for their cars and so it started to gain fame within the racing community. The new Momo steering wheel also caught the attention of Ferrari's Formula One driver, John Surtees, who wished to mount it on his single-seater car. John Surtees’ Ferrari, equipped with the Momo racing steering wheel, won the Formula One world title in 1964. So it was with such instant success that Moretti converted his passion into a manufacturing reality and MOMO was born.

In 1969 MOMO opened a production plant in Tregnago in the province of Verona. Since then MOMO's product range has grown to include consumer accessories such as gear shift knobs and alloy wheels, through to race equipment such as racing suits and helmets. However, to this day MOMO are best known for their extensive range of high quality, Italian made steering wheels. Specified as original equipment and optional upgrades on many car manufacturers such as Porsche, Ferrari, BMW and Alfa Romeo, you can be assured that a MOMO wheel has been built to last the test of time and deliver that all important feel with beautiful Italian style.